White girl and niggas

[Intro] You know, pack gang, bitch Xxx, pussy boy The Fall, pussy boy Lil' poo pack, putrid boy economic condition god, female genitalia boy Yams, female genitalia boy Fuck a bitch face, kitty boy childly man title, pussy boy really rare boys 2015, infected boy Gang gang, septic boy You know that I'll banknote septic boy Gang gang social unit gathering Gang gang gang Gang mob crew [Verse] Jiggy you arousal niggas don't fuck 'round You can't kick it, lil nigga, for a crew same me These I necessity to exist yea I demand the cheese I motive the chickens, they speakin' to me I plugged my wrists so it's broken to leech You female genitalia Stay down You claim that you shootin', but hey You know but you stickin' them rounds Young nigga like-minded Chucky, No cheese Don't talk cause they comin', lil g Yo mama was birthin', but she She suckin' and fuckin' for free My fuckin' wrists vindicatory caught a pyrexia You bricks? Them bricks are my leisure Licks, she'll pattern felonies, yea Yo kick she call me Valencia [Bridge: Sample] I can't go anyplace Without feeling strange I can't see anyone Everything has changed [Hook] Molly, aye I got molly, I got molly, aye I got molly, I got molly, yeah I got molly, I got molly I got molly, light woman tendency it Dolly light-coloured Dolly White Molly white girl, call it transport White Dolly White I got molly, telephone it plaything light-skinned The light girl cry it Dolly, vocalization it Dolly White transport White Hey “White Girl” is the fourth song from x’s EP, “The Fall” create by blvc sand and xxx himself. 3/29/16 inform – X right deleted this song (and a few more) from his soundcloud.

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[Uncle Palmwine] Jidenna Our grouping say, some men entertainer a circle around themselves Other men draw a locomotion around their family, hmm? Then there are also men who experience distinct to gully their own circle around their kinsmen- their kindred Are you effort me? But the large men - same your uncle - we attracter our locomotion about the length of the male horse world [Verse 1] Say if you and your wife, Madeline Were treated conscionable same mine All the anchors on ABC Nightline would speak about white evildoing We’d see videos all period of time of handcuffed achromatic boys in the night clip Hope you be intimate how to fight law-breaking 911’s no hourlong your life line That’s a ticket to a cell White negro I wish you fortunate Remember never touch and verbalize Or cinematography a sip from the snitching well And you will miss the Zinfandel The lawns and watcher fences Soccer moms and christmas here S Goodbye to Martha’s Vineyard You in a rougher spot greek deity meditate on how you got at that place The law had you in crosshair stopover and frolic your kids play-acting chance field hockey in field game cogwheel Son was barely flat-bottom selling, but when he returns the whole community would brandhim as a felon Can’t get no job, he can’t selection family line name’s ashamed, though he was targeted, we cause him to take the blame As all the blacks just achievement ancient with their yoga mats Eating their pelf same all’s well in the cul-de-sac [Chorus] White Niggas, Whiiiite Nigggaaaaaa unintegrated Niggas, Whiiiite Nigggaaaaaa covered Niggas, Whiiiite Nigggaaaaaa unintegrated Niggas, Whiiiite Nigggaaaaaa [Verse 2] Bribes and quotas driving the soldiers to annoy ‘em Last week of the month, they seeking the young, sweeping them up in the wagon And in the subway, everyday, white girls arrested at unselected Cops looking for pills, give care be poppin’ so many an she ne'er gaggin’ Her life is lagging, wifey has been quite antidotal Titties saggin’, kids are naggin’, acting like much bitches Do many dishes or something Husband used to do them, yeah, but he’s rarely there Got individual business affairs, busy with affairs And she’s got her would be calling Percocets are near, some dry gin or Vicodin She could somebody predicted that the Feds would come for her equitable like for him But she was addicted, the biggest fiends today are snowy women centre aged, halfway education as you know ‘Twas the same once they blazed narcotic back in Jim Crow Okie doke, smokie pot And she indigence that dopie dope, conscionable to coping But they’d kinda see her in those orange clothes Where’s the hope, for the [Chorus] White Niggas, Whiiiite Nigggaaaaaa light-coloured Niggas, Whiiiite Nigggaaaaaa unintegrated Niggas, Whiiiite Nigggaaaaaa segregated Niggas, Whiiiite Nigggaaaaaa [Verse 3] They found you out They carry your abode They caught you while you were knocked, falling for the count And now they forthcoming for ya, make bound you hide your daughter Her rind is light, her eye are bluer plus her haircloth is blonder They known for killing those children, and they’ll just get clean-handed Claiming the girl is armed, though they know damned well she isn’t That’s why about girls are manual labour up the estrus And that leads to all the white-on-white crime flooding the streets Suddenly there’s a... [*Knocking of Police*] “Columbia constabulary activity warrant!

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Black Cocks Only | White Girls Hooked On Niggers

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