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Garfield marking mountain peak (real name)Beast Bob Beast Babe Scar Man Beastie (by Cyborg, Robin, Raven and Starfire)BBBeast Man The young mammal (by female aristocrat Legasus)Dieter Beast encephalon The Green One (by Menos and Starfire)Nerd (by Robin)Goblin (by Aqualad)Little Buddy (by Cyborg)Green Boy tiring hose (by magic Jojo)Beast anomaly The Wild Man My fashion plate (by Cyborg)Cyborg (best friend)Robin Starfire Raven (love interest)Silkie Dave (little buddy)Blackfire (briefly)Aqualad (sometimes)The Rats Le Bron author Wally TMojo Jojo (briefly)Mother Nature abandon Freak Greg Cipes (briefly)Beast young woman large (rival)Control mutation The nous (arch-enemy)H. He has the noesis to alter into any animal he wants. Light Killer lepidopteran Kitten Cinderblock Plasmus give care Mae-Eye caller Rollerblading Dudes Mojo Jojo "Beast Boy is Cyborg's go-to-meeting bud, a slimly dim but lovable idler who transforms into all sorts of animals once he's not eating burritos, sleeping, watching TV, or playing video games." Garfield Logan is different any human. Five The labour union of devilish Aqualad (rival)Terra (ex-girlfriend/former passion interest)Kid gaudy buddy Blood Trigon Dr.

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, is a brobdingnagian risk platformer that lets you electrical switch between Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, corvus corax and Beast Boy anytime you want. Use their unique superpowers to name 15 behemoth levels and take on honcho battles with blood brother genealogy and the members of the Hive. Find the best free teenage Titans Games or others Cartoon material games among our games recommended below the game.

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Victor Stone (real name)Stone Robo Turkey (by Trigon)Grandma Fleshy Guy Cy (by Beast Boy, Robin, Raven, himself and Jinx) Cyborgamous superior Thunder Thighs (by madam Legasus) chromium covered stadium (by Raven)Big Soldier Robot-Man (by magic Jojo)The Cyborg Cyborg the telling Machine Beast Boy (best friend)Robin Starfire eat Jinx (girlfriend, sometimes)Silkie somesthesia Bot (little buddy)Blackfire Kid Flash TVGizmo (temporary)Le Bron James saphead TMojo Jojo (briefly)Silver Age Robin Batman (alternate timeline)Superman (Alternate Timeline)Green lamp (alternate timeline)Hawkgirl (alternate timeline)The flashy (alternate timeline)Wonder female person (alternate timeline)Aquaman (alternate timeline)Green projectile (alternate timeline)Nightwing (alternate timeline)Martian Manhunter (alternate timeline)Khary Payton (briefly) "Cyborg is a laid-back, teen robot who's solon interested in pizza and video games than in disorderly crime." As a teenager, Victor Stone was a one-of-a-kind contestant who showed much many more promise than just about others. His life was going distinguished until he suffered a terrible accident that killed his mother, and desolated just about of his body. His father, a genius scientist, was able to lay aside him by building him into a half-robot, half-man (cyborg).

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